Our Leadership Team

Meet our incredible team of Christ Followers!

We are blessed to have an amazing leadership team here at DC Church. Below you will find a picture and a bio of each of our staff members. Take a moment to click through to learn more about who they are, why they do what they do, and more importantly what their favorite color is! All kidding aside, our staff is a dedicated group of Christ Followers who are excited to connect with you!


Senior Pastor​​​​​​​ of DC Church

West Portsmouth Campus Pastor

Associate Pastor of Pastoral Care

Associate Pastor of Pastoral Care

Family and Youth Pastor

Director of Deep Creek Academy


Worship Pastor

Media/Creative Director

Connection Ministry Coordinator


Asst. Children’s Director Deep Creek

Asst. Children’s Director West Portsmouth

Asst. Preschool Director Deep Creek


Worship Secretary

Family/Youth Worship Leader

Media Assistant

Building Maintenance

Traditional Service Worship Leader

Choir & Orchestra Worship Leader